When Jesus and his followers read the Old Testament, they found within the Old Testament facts that they used in a logical manner to establish certain conclusions. This logical method of arriving at a conclusion is known as an "inference" or an "extrapolation." A reader can make an inference which is later shown to be flawed, but the inferences made by the New Testament readers of Old Testament passages are held to be undeniable.

To illustrate this method of Logic, let us look at Jesus' encounter with the Sadducees concerning whether there will be a "resurrection of the dead." The Sadducees held the view that when a person dies, that person ceases to exist.

Jesus claimed that Exodus 3:6 proves that when a person dies, that person continues to exist.

Luke 20:37

Jesus asserts that since God is not the God of people and things which do not exist, that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob still existed after they were dead.

Inference is a standard form of logical deduction. The ancient greeks devised a philosophical construct for inference. Wikipedia has this article on Inference. Inference also plays a major part in American Jurisprudence. Here is a legal definition of the use of inference in trial law.

The purpose of this website is to show some examples from the New Testament of this type of logic. This website is not intended to be a complete catalogue of every example, since some examples of this logic are dependent on a chain of conclusions. It is hoped that this website will introduce some bible students to a method, used by christians of the first century, which they may previously never have noticed.

If this is the first time that you have heard of biblical inference, you may want to read the introductory explanations before exploring the pages which catalog some New Testament examples.

With regards to the hebrew letters at the top of these pages, they are from the two words which together form the name, "Melchizedek." They are used on this website, because the writer of the epistle to the Hebrews made several conclusions based upon Psalm 110:4.

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Inescapable Conclusions

A Look At A Method of Logic Used In The New Testament